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Grilled Surf and Turf: Romance is in the Air

What could be better on a balmy summer’s evening? Clear skies and a gentle breeze. Just the two of you. And something hot on the grill to get things started right.

In addition to being synonymous with celebration, extravagance, and special occasions, surf and turf is most closely associated with romance. Two different elements: meat and seafood residing together in harmony on the same plate.


8 Videos To Get You Ready For Grilling Season

Beef - Porterhouse - Grill

Grilling season is here! We’re all sighing a collective “finally” after the ups and downs of this past New York winter. It’s time to dust off those grills, wheel them out onto the deck, and throw a thick juicy dry-aged steak on the grates.


Try these New Video Recipes to Impress Your Valentine!

When it comes to romantic occasions, your sweetheart is guaranteed to be impressed if you put the time and effort into a delicious, intimate, candlelit dinner at home.

Nothing shows your affections better than the attention required to craft the perfect menu and attend to every detail of a lovingly prepared meal.

To inspire you, we’ve asked some of our friends on YouTube to create an amazing entree worthy of this romantic holiday using product from our online butcher shop. What they’ve come up with are some really drool-worthy preparations.

Check out these all-new videos (below) and get inspired for your best Valentine’s Day dinner yet!


Culinary Classic: Seafood Chowder

On a cold wintry day, nothing satisfies like a steaming bowl of chowder.

To say that chowders are popular and come in all varieties would be a gross understatement. Type “chowder recipes” into Google and in less than half a second, you’ll get more than a million results.


Culinary Classic: Paella

If you love food, you have to watch this YouTube video. It’s about the making of the best paella in the world—or so the title claims. By the end, no doubt, you will believe every word is true. And if this doesn’t leave you weak in the knees and salivating or make you want to catch the next Iberia airliner to Spain, you surely have ice water in your veins.



Culinary Classics: Gumbo and Jambalaya

“Jambalaya, and a crawfish pie and filé gumbo … son of a gun we’ll have big fun on the bayou.” Hank Williams’ early 1950s smash hit—an ode to Louisiana living—was about the closest thing most anyone outside the Deep South knew or heard of Cajun culture and food at that time. This song introduced us to some dishes with strange, new names and simple pleasures characteristic of life on the bayou.

Jump ahead 35 years and Louisiana Chef Paul Prudhomme blows the doors off Cajun-Creole cuisine to international attention with the publication of his first cookbook, Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen.


Food & Beer Pairings You Have to Try this Summer

American Craft Beer Week falls in May, and we look forward to it every year—nearly as much as we look forward to dusting off our grills and throwing a thick Porterhouse down over the flames!

Being butchers who have practiced and honed our craft for five generations, we can appreciate the expertise, skill, and care that go into making a fine craft brew. We are passionate about cutting meat, sourcing the very best meat, and providing our customers with a peak dining experience. We feel that craft brewers are just as passionate about providing a delicious, high-quality, refreshing brew with every frothy glass.

Being cookbook authors and devoted home-cooks, we also love a great entrée and beverage pairing. We know how a fantastic meal can be elevated to new heights by a perfect pairing with a delicious microbrew—and vice versa.

So in honor of America’s craft brewers, grilling season, and great cuts of meat, we’ve put together some tantalizing pairings that you’ve really got to try! (more…)

Culinary Classics: Eggs Benedict

You’d be hard pressed to find a breakfast dish more decadent than Eggs Benedict.

It’s the kind of dish that is food for the psyche and soul. It is the elegant pinnacle of comfort food, an ode to excess. If you’re looking for a healthy blast of protein and carbs to get your day started, make a beeline for yogurt and an egg-white sandwich. Eggs Benedict, and its infinite variations, is all about indulgence—throwing caution to the wind for an almost divine interaction with your food. It’s petit déjeuner for a lazy day.


Irish Cuisine: An Ode to Land, Sea and Frugality

As in most developing ancient European societies, the transition from Stone Age to the Bronze Age had a dramatic affect on what the people of Ireland ate and how they prepared it.

The development of malleable, heat-tolerant materials meant that foods could be cooked in a vessel using moist-heat methods, rather than solely by dry heat over or in an open fire. The most primitive method of moist heat cooking is boiling—meat and or vegetables cooked in water until palatable.

In ancient times, the cauldron—a large three-legged pot suspended over a fire—was the most common cooking vessel, and it can be traced to the origins of so many traditional Irish soups, stews, and braises we know and love today. The earliest ovens were simply cauldrons turned upside down and placed over a fire.


Culinary Classics: Surf and Turf

It’s a holiday that only comes around every four years: National Surf and Turf Day is February 29! Surf and turf, surf ‘n turf, beef and reef, pier ‘n steer, or whatever variation you might call it, this center-of-the-plate combination of beef raised on land and treasures from the sea is a fairly recent classic. It’s also a culinary playground for the curious epicurean.

Variations abound, but the most frequently found components are lobster and filet mignon.

No clear origin of the term surf and turf is commonly accepted, but at least two contenders are in the running. And, although attributions differ, the one thing they are close in agreement about is the approximate timing of the term’s coinage.