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Recipe: David Lobel’s Grilled Bacon & Onion Potato Salad

David Lobel loves Lobel’s All-Purpose Savory Seasoning (previously called Lobel’s Dry Rub) so much he’s using it in all of his go-to recipes. Here’s a great example: David has substituted an equal amount of Lobel’s All-Purpose Savory Seasoning for the dry spices and herbs in his favorite potato salad recipe. But this isn’t just any potato salad–it includes grilled bacon and onions! Check it out…



Mustard: Everywhere You Go

Mustard is the world’s oldest condiment. Celebrated in the U.S. with National Mustard Day on the first Saturday of August, it is the most universally used condiment in the world, as well.

Whole, cracked, ground, and powdered mustard seeds have been mixed with other ingredients to create a sauce of many hues and intensities since the days of ancient Rome.

Half a world away, the Chinese have been using mustard seeds whole, rather than ground, in cooking for thousands of years.