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National Chili Dog Day is Coming… What’s Your Style?

Once a year on the last Thursday in July, we celebrate the convergence of two iconic foods—hot dogs and chili—in observance of National Chili Dog Day.

While each is remarkable on its own, when brought together in a single bun with personalized condiments, chili and dogs reach euphoric new heights.

The sum is greater than its parts. It was a fusion before fusion cuisine became hip.

Like many food legends and lore, there isn’t much clarity or agreement about the origins of chili dogs. There are, however, lots of colorful claims.

But just as chili and dogs converge, the chili portion of the equation is where the paths diverge.


Sausage in Profile: Hot Dogs

While the concept of sausage is simple, thousands of variations can be found throughout the world.  Sausages can be fresh, cured, smoked, or cooked. They are made of beef, pork, veal, chicken, and more. And they can include myriad ingredients, from spices and herbs to fruits, vegetables, and cheeses—and even liquids such as beer, whiskey, or blood. Our “Sausage in Profile” series aims to introduce you to different types of sausage—their flavor profiles, histories, and uses—from familiar favorites to unique finds.

Grilling season is finally here and you know what that means—time to throw the hot dogs on the grill! While you may have enjoyed a boiled or pan-fried hot dog during the long, cold winter, there’s almost nothing better than a hot dog fresh off the grill.

The hot dog has become synonymous with American traditions like baseball and backyard barbecues. So you might be surprised to learn that the hot dog actually has German roots.

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7 Quick Weeknight Meals with Cocktail Wieners

Autumn is upon us! Days are getting shorter. Kids are back in school. Time seems like a scarce and precious commodity.

Although we are butchers, the Lobel family is also… well, a family! We have busy households with full schedules. We know what it’s like on hectic weeknights when it seems like everyone is moving in different directions and there’s barely time to eat dinner, let alone cook.

That’s why we like to look to our online Butcher Shop for easy—yet delicious—solutions. And we rediscovered a little gem recently that we wanted to share with you. A very little gem: our 1-ounce Cocktail Wieners!




Ask the Butcher: What do you put on your hot dog?

Hot dogs are the perfect menu item for a lazy summer day, a quick-grill dinner, a picnic on the beach, or a cook-out with friends. To celebrate all that the hot dog is, the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council has declared July as National Hot Dog Month! There is even National Hot Dog Day on July 20 for all hot dog lovers to load up the toppings and devour their favorite franks.

It’s not just all about the best steaks with the Lobels—they enjoy a great grilled dog as well! Curious to know what a master butcher puts on his hot dog? So were we—so we asked!


A Culinary Road Trip, Right on Your Grill

Burgers and hot dogs are staples of the classic American backyard get-together—easy to prepare and sure-fire summertime party pleasers. But they don’t have to be bland and boring with the same toppings time after time. In fact, you can host a tasting party centered just around these grilling-season favorites. Take the equivalent of a culinary road trip around our country and you’ll find a variety of ways to prepare burgers and dogs, depending on the region.

And whether your creation is authentic to a region or merely inspired by it, make it your own, make it delicious, and enjoy! (more…)