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Sous Vide: The Race for Counter Space

Two of the most popular new appliances on the market are instant pots, otherwise known as multi-function pressure cookers, and air fryers, an appliance that uses convection cooking—rather than hot fat—to produce crispiness.

In recent years, it has seemed as if instant pots and air fryers were going to slug it out as to which appliance would win the battle for limited counter space in home kitchens.

Then, sous vide came into play when the technology was scaled down from large-scale, heat-and-eat product manufacturing to an appliance that fits on your counter top.

Sous vide is French for “under vacuum,” a warm water-bath method of cooking that offers epicureans at home a level of predictable precision like no other cooking method, producing consistent results every time.


How to Make the Most of Your Grill: Get the Right Tools

Every grill master, pit master, tailgater, or weekend griller has at some point said, “I wish I had a _______.” You could make a hobby out of seeking the perfect tool, utensil, or gadget that will create BBQ nirvana.

With the rise in popularity (and sales) of outdoor kitchens, plus the myriad styles of smokers and grills, there’s been a corresponding increase in the development and marketing of ancillary products—all of those tools, utensils, and gadgets that are must-haves for the complete BBQ experience of your very own.

From multi-purpose options to one-trick ponies, there’s a lot to consider. So, before purchasing, ask yourself: “How often will I use this?”

If “frequently” is the answer, it’s probably a good addition to your BBQing arsenal. If the answer is “once a year,” there’s probably a multi-purpose item that has that function covered.

Outdoor kitchen

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Grilling Tools: Grill Roasters

Roasting large cuts of meat or whole poultry on a charcoal or gas grill can be intimidating for less-experienced outdoor cooks.

However, the flavor and aroma of a beef roast, leg of lamb, pork loin, whole chicken, or whole turkey cooked with flame and smoke are incomparable and add new sensory dimensions that oven roasting simply cannot deliver.

Trying to manipulate a 14-pound rib roast or a whole turkey with tongs or gloved hands can be awkward, messy, and can lead to catastrophic results.

So, for those who want to venture beyond your comfort zone of burgers, hot dogs, and steaks, there are a couple tools that can open up a new panorama of tasting adventures created by you and your grill.

Grilled Pork Ribs


Cooking with Cast Iron: Tried and True Through the Ages

Cast-iron cookware has been around for more than 2,000 years. In ages gone by, the hearth was the center of every household for warmth and preparing meals. And with every hearth, there was a cast-iron cauldron, or Dutch oven, that handled most of the cooking chores of the day.


Grilling Tools: Grill Brushes

Removing the baked-on crud from your grill’s cooking grate has long required something you can’t get in a bottle, can, or jar: elbow grease.

But even that may be changing.


A to Z Guide for Grilling Season 2016

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran griller, our blog is chock full of useful grilling info and tips. From basics about tools and grill setup to recipes, videos, and more, we pride ourselves on not only providing the finest and freshest meats, but also on educating our customers on the best ways to prepare them.

So as springtime blossoms here in New York, we uncover and dust off our grills and get ready for some tasty meals in the months to come.

We hope you’ll come on this grilling journey with us. We’ve rounded up an A to Z guide to grilling so that you can learn some techniques, brush up on your skills, or find something new to try. Let’s go!

Burger - Grill


Grilling Tools: Instant-Read Thermometer

A digital instant-read thermometer is the quickest and most accurate way to know the internal temperature of whatever you are cooking. And measuring the internal temperature is the most accurate way to know how “done” your food is.

Rib Roast thermometer

Grilling Tools: Grilling Gloves

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of grilling! Especially when you’re preparing large cuts of meat, like brisket or a roast. You get so caught up in the process that you may throw the meat on the grill and not realize until after it’s started cooking that you haven’t quite planned how you are going to flip the meat or get it off the grill. This is why grilling gloves are a must-have in any grill master’s tool kit.


Fanning the Flames: Choosing a Fire Starter for Grilling

The charcoal-grilled steak you’ve been craving all week long finally hits your plate hot and ready on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s your reward for five long days of earning a living, and it’s the inducement that eases you into another stint of hard labor in the coming days.

Imagine your disappointment when your first bite tastes like this beautiful piece of beef was French-dipped in jet-fuel before being served. The acrid flavor permeates the meat and obliterates every nuance of delicious beefiness that had you salivating just moments before.


Get a Grip: Choosing Grill Tongs

Grill tongs are extensions of your arm and hand and allow you to work over a scorching fire without fear of getting burned. For most purposes one pair of tongs will suffice. However, having a backup pair is also a good idea. Spring-loaded tongs can break making them impossible to use.

Also, if you have a large piece meat, such as a 3-inch-thick Porterhouse, or something bulky and awkward, a whole chicken for instance, having two sets of tongs to lift is a practical idea.



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