8 Recipe Ideas for your New Year’s Eve Celebration

Sometimes you just need to indulge—and ringing in the new year is the perfect occasion for decadent celebrations.

Whether you’re entertaining a large group of friends or hosting an intimate gathering for New Year’s Eve, make the night memorable with delicious recipes from Lobel’s of New York.

We’ve put together a list of 8 of our favorite recipes for a New Year’s Eve celebration.

1. Reverse Seared Shell Roast

Also known as a strip loin roast, Lobel’s USDA Prime Dry-Aged Boneless Shell Roast is an ideal selection for serving at dinner parties and buffets because it is so easy to prepare, carve, and serve.

Watch as our good friend Troy of the YouTube channel “T-Roy Cooks” reverse sears a shell roast in his oven. He also creates a delicious red wine reduction sauce with the pan drippings

2. Lamb Lollies


Whatever you choose to call them—lamb lollies, lamb pops, or lollichops—these will be an elegant and delicious addition to your New Year’s Eve appetizer spread. They’re individual lamb rib chops with a long, frenched bone attached—a three-bite nugget of tender, juicy lamb on its own convenient handle.

Frenched racks of lamb are the best option for convenience and flexibility. Each whole rack has 8 chops and comes to you with the rib bones already frenched. Roast whole and slice into individual chops for serving. Or, if you want a crunchy crust on the exterior of each chop, slice into individual chops and either grill or broil the chops.

3. Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is indulgence on a platter. It starts with luxurious ingredients and comes to table in elegant golden glory.

If you’re looking for a super-chic and elegant dinner entrée, Beef Wellington is the way to go. Watch as John of the YouTube channel “Big Meat Sunday” shows you how to create this classic dish.

4. Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

No party menu would be complete without a little bacon. Take succulent scallops up a notch by wrapping them in bacon.

Follow this simple recipe and delight all your seafood-loving (and bacon-loving!) guests.

5. Grilled Wagyu Rib Cap with Port Wine Reduction Sauce

If you’re looking for something truly decadent to serve at your party, look no further than the Wagyu Rib Cap. Surrounding the eye of every rib steak or roast is a highly marbled layer of the most tender, succulent, and flavorful meat you can imagine: the rib cap.

And when the rib cap comes from an aged Wagyu rib, prepare yourself to be blown away by flavor, tenderness, and juiciness that has no comparison.

Our friend Troy took this unbelievable cut, grilled it, then topped it with a shallot and port wine reduction sauce. Incredible!

6. How To: Oven-Roast a Roast

Beef roasts are the traditional centerpiece to a holiday meal. One of the most desirable of all beef roasts happens to be Lobel’s signature roast. These well-aged roasts are impressive in presentation and a delight on the palate—exquisitely flavorful and tender.

Choose between a flavorful bone-in roast, an easy-to-carve boneless roast, or—for the best of both worlds—a boned-and-tied roast!

Follow this step-by-step guide and learn the ins and outs of roasting the perfect rib roast.

7. Surf & Turf

Surf & Turf is a grand meal. It’s synonymous with celebration, special occasions, and pulling out all the stops. It’s just the thing for an occasion like New Year’s Eve.

With a Lobel’s steak accompanied by one of our Wild-Caught Maine Lobster Tails, you’ve got the very best that land and sea have to offer.

In the mouth-watering video above, our friend Troy grills a delicious dry-aged porterhouse and lobster tail with homemade crab stuffing. A feast perfect for New Year’s Eve!

8. Filet Mignon with Cognac & Herb Sauce

Our customers absolutely love our filet mignon, and they’ve made it our #1 selling steak. It’s our customers’ go-to steak for holidays, gifts, and special occasions.

Cut from the center of a whole tenderloin, the filet is the most tender steak of all. It has a mild beefy flavor, and is the leanest of all the premium steaks.

Plus, since filet mignon features such mild flavor, it lends itself perfectly to pairing with a rich sauce, compound butter, or other flavor-booster.

Here is a delicious recipe for Filet Mignon with Cognac & Herb Sauce. This recipe is perfect if you are hosting an intimate New Year’s Eve gathering.


How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve? What is your favorite dish to make on New Year’s Eve? Do you ring in the new year with seafood? Have you ever fallen asleep before midnight on New Year’s Eve?


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