Article: February, 2015

Bone-In Hip Sirloin: Big, Bold & Beefy

Sirloin is right up there among the most popular steaks cuts, second only in most peoples’ preference to filet mignon, rib steak, or strip steak. While it is inherently big on beefy flavor and tenderness, sirloin’s general availability nowadays is limited to cuts from which the bone has been removed. And as everyone should know, bone-in beef has more flavor than boneless beef.

Wagyu Bone In Hip Steak


Sausage in Profile: Smoky Maple Links

While the concept of sausage is simple, thousands of variations can be found throughout the world.  Sausages can be fresh, cured, smoked, or cooked. They are made of beef, pork, veal, chicken, and more. And they can include myriad ingredients, from spices and herbs to fruits, vegetables, and cheeses—and even liquids such as beer, whiskey, or blood. Our “Sausage in Profile” series aims to introduce you to different types of sausage—their flavor profiles, histories, and uses—from familiar favorites to unique finds.

Lobel’s Smoky Maple Links are the ultimate breakfast sausage. These sausages are marinated in the best pure, dark syrup that maple country has to offer before they are smoked over an applewood fire. The result: plump and juicy sausages packed with bold, clear flavors—the perfect accompaniment to a hearty breakfast!



Ask the Butcher: How do you make Valentine’s Day romantic?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you enjoy a romantic dinner with your significant other or spend the day with family and close friends, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating and enjoying the love in your life. We asked the Lobels how they make the day special and to share with us their recommendations for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.


Cut of the Month: Sweetheart Steak

The Lobel family of Lobel’s Prime Meats in Manhattan and Lobel’s of New York online butcher shop are fourth- and fifth-generation butchers. With our Cut of the Month series, we will bring you their wealth of knowledge and expertise on specific cuts of meat, including their unique characteristics, preparation methods, and how to select the best cut.

Try searching anywhere else for this cut and you won’t find it–it’s a Lobel’s exclusive! The Sweetheart Steak is a 20-ounce boneless strip steak or boneless rib steak that has been butterflied into the shape of a heart.


The Lobel Family: Mastering Their Trade

For more than 60 years, the Lobel family butcher shop at the corner of Madison Ave. and 82nd St. has been a fixture of New York City’s Upper East Side, the destination for Manhattan’s elite who demand nothing less than the absolute best.

In more recent years, the family business has transformed and adapted in significant ways as times and opportunities present themselves. And with each new enterprise, the Lobels earn widespread acclaim for offering the absolute best-quality meat money can buy.

Today, daily operations of Madison Ave.’s corner butcher shop are overseen by 4th-generation master butcher Stanley Lobel and his sons, David and Mark. Evan Lobel, son of Stanley’s brother, the late Leon Lobel, rounds out the family members currently involved in perpetuating the family business. The sons and daughters of Evan, David, and Mark are already in training as the 6th generation of Lobels emerges.

But that’s only part of the story. The Lobel legacy stretches over the decades to the mountains of Austria. As we celebrate our 175th anniversary, we take a look back at how the Lobel family came to be America’s #1 family of butchers.

Lobel Family  Photo

Leon, Evan, David, Mark & Stanley Lobel