Article: October, 2013

Pork Belly: Getting Back on the Source

Pork belly has been making a bigger blip on the culinary radar in recent months. It’s on menus, in magazine recipes, cooking shows, YouTube videos. The ideas abound. In fact, pork belly is the #1 most-requested product from Lobel’s of New York customers and site visitors.

So, we are very pleased to introduce Lobel’s Berkshire Pork Belly, available in frozen 2-pound slabs.

Given the wild popularity, nay, obsession, fascination, and hype about everything that fuels our craving for bacon, is it any wonder that curious epicureans have discovered, or rediscovered, the joys of fresh pork belly.

After all, bacon is simply pork belly that has been cured and/or smoked.


Ask the Butcher: Favorites for Fall

The fall season is upon us! The weather is getting colder and sunsets are getting earlier. The days and nights are perfect for cozying up with a hot meal and a comfy blanket!

We’ve asked the Lobel family what their favorite fall ingredients are for cooking at home.


Culinary Classic: Chinese Barbecued Pork

Though variations of this dish abound throughout Eastern Asia, particularly the many regions of China from Szechuan to Singapore, barbecued pork’s lacquered-mahogany sheen makes it one of the most readily recognizable dishes in the pantheon of Asian cuisine.

BBQ ribs (more…)

What to pair with roast pork this fall? Chutney!

It’s National Pork Month. It’s also October, and in our kitchens that means lots of delicious roast meats paired with the delicious seasonal produce and aromatic herbs and spices. One of the best ways to combine these favorite fall flavors is by pairing your favorite pork roast with a delightful chutney. (more…)