Article: July, 2013

Mustard: Everywhere You Go

Mustard is the world’s oldest condiment. Celebrated in the U.S. with National Mustard Day on the first Saturday of August, it is the most universally used condiment in the world, as well.

Whole, cracked, ground, and powdered mustard seeds have been mixed with other ingredients to create a sauce of many hues and intensities since the days of ancient Rome.

Half a world away, the Chinese have been using mustard seeds whole, rather than ground, in cooking for thousands of years.



The English Have Never Heard of London Broil

The preparation of London Broil is a thoroughly American creation, one that dates back to colonial times, but was different from today’s version. Back then, a relatively thin and less tender cut of steak was pan-fried and cut into thin slices on the bias across the grain.

Today’s version includes marinating the steak for several hours to tenderize it before cooking it with high heat, either in a broiler or on the grill, to no more than medium-rare.



Spotlight on Grilling Veal

When you want a milder, lighter option for the grill, veal is the answer. Although veal is not commonly thought of as a grilling item, it’s versatile in that its delicate flavor lends itself to pairing well with other flavors, spices, and sauces. Plus, a lighter-on-the-palate option is always welcome on a sultry, hot summer’s day. (more…)