Article: June, 2013

Matchmaking: Wine and Grilled Foods

Selecting wines for grilled fare follows the same essential rules used for any dish prepared by roasting, braising, or other indoor cooking techniques. Smoking, barbecuing, and grilling foods alter their fundamental flavor composition.


Spotlight on Grilling Pork

More and more, backyard cooks are turning to pork when deciding what to grill. It is delicious when cooked over an open fire and, being a sweet-tasting meat, lends itself to any number of marinades, rubs, sauces, and seasonings.

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Grilled Satays: An Asian Twist on Summertime Grilling

Popular throughout Southeast Asia, satay is said to have originated in Indonesia, where it is the national dish. Also known as saté, this handy hand-held food is a popular street food and appetizer throughout Southeast Asia.

Satay is similar to other skewered-meat dishes from around the world, such as yakitori, shish kebab, shashlik, chuanr, and sosatie. What sets satay apart as distinctly Southeast Asian is that it is usually chunks of fish, poultry, or meat on bamboo skewers soaked in a sweet and spicy marinade featuring flavors of lime and garlic. And it’s typically served with a spicy peanut dipping sauce on the side.

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