Article: April, 2013

Meat on a Stick – It’s That Simple

Does the prospect of preparing a grilled party menu for more than 10 people make your palms sweat? Kabobs can feed armies. In fact, Middle Eastern armies are credited with the invention of kabobs having used their swords as skewers for meats that were roasted over open-flame fires.



Try a Little Tenderness

Cut slices from the same steak but in two different directions, and you would never believe they came from the same steak at all. One will be tender, soft, and easy on the bite. The other will be chewier and, generally, a less than optimum eating experience by comparison. (more…)

Breakfast of (Grilling) Champions

Not many of us think of getting up in the morning, pouring a cup of coffee, and firing up the grill. But hey, why not? A delicious breakfast hot off the grill could turn any lazy, leisurely summer morning into a day to remember. (more…)