Article: February, 2013

Corned Beef: A Salty Tradition

Corned beef has nothing to do with stalks, silk, husks, or cobs.

The corn in corned beef refers to the English use of the word to describe various particles with a bigger-than-granular texture. And, in this case in particular, it means the coarse salt used to cure the beef. (more…)

Desserts for Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day without dessert is like a night without stars. They simply go hand in hand.

A dessert on Valentine’s day isn’t just a sweet way to end the meal–it can be a great gift as well! To make the best dessert for your Valentine, just be sure to keep that special someone in mind when choosing your recipe, ingredients, and presentation. Whether store-bought or home-made, sweets are a sure way to show you care.


Culinary Classic: Fondue

Fondue has become one of those words that refers to a specific dish and is also loosely used as catch-all for a method of communal cooking.

fondue (more…)

Foods of Love

Food is one of the most potent arrows in Cupid’s quiver.

While actual scientific cause-and-effect evidence may be lacking, the power of suggestion imbues certain foods with the ability to enflame the heart of the object of your passion with overwhelming desire, leading ultimately to surrender—in other words, love.

If only it were that simple. (more…)

The Makings of an Irish Breakfast

A traditional, full Irish Breakfast is a truly hearty affair. It typically includes bangers; thick-sliced smoked bacon or loin bacon; black pudding (also known as blood sausage) and/or white pudding (blood pudding without the blood); grilled tomatoes topped with grated cheese and herbs; fried, poached, or scrambled eggs; Irish beans; soda bread; and good, strong coffee or Irish Breakfast tea. Boxty—an Irish potato pancake—is a commonly seen breakfast side-dish.

Makings of an Irish Breakfast