Article: November, 2012

Watch “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School” featuring Evan Lobel!

This past weekend, Evan Lobel was featured in an episode about home butchering on Martha Stewart’s new show, “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.”

Evan Lobel & Martha Stewart

Evan Lobel & Martha Stewart
Photo credit: Rob Tannenbaum/MSLO


Everything Thanksgiving

In many American families, Thanksgiving is the biggest and grandest meal of the year. Traditions abound, from what is served and what dishes are used to who sits where during the meal. Over the years, we’ve offered our customers a lot of advice about Thanksgiving dinner preparation. So here is a round-up of past posts for your Thanksgiving-dinner-cooking convenience!


Dressing to the Nines

Stuffing or dressing. Dressing or stuffing. Did you know that they are exactly the same thing? What differentiates one from the other is what you do with it.

Dressing is most commonly a combination of aromatic vegetables, bread or other starch, herbs, spices, and occasionally meat, sausage, or seafood. Flights of fancy add just about any other type of ingredient.

That same dressing recipe becomes stuffing when you put it inside something else—a turkey, for example. Dressing is cooked separately as a casserole.