Article: June, 2012

Ask the Butcher: How are you celebrating Independence Day?

The next big holiday is the Fourth of July. It’s one of those holidays where everyone seems to be outside, enjoying the weather, having parties, and watching fireworks. We asked the Lobels how they plan to spend this summertime holiday.


Is it done yet?

Ultimately, for maximum satisfaction—and the safest and most accurate way to test for internal temperature of your steak or burger—an instant-read thermometer has no equal.

Analog versions are good, albeit slow. Digital versions are better, mainly because they provide faster and more precise results, and many have calibrating features to keep them accurate.


Barbecued Chicken: High in the Pecking Order of Summer Favorites

Is there anything better on a hot summer day than driving in your car with the windows open and getting hit with the stop-you-in-your-tracks aroma of chicken being barbecued somewhere?

Whether in someone’s backyard, in a church parking lot, at the local firehouse, in a park, or on the beach, every one of them aspires to golden-charred finish. Yet the recipes and methods used to get there burst into myriad variations—hardly two alike. (more…)

New Video! How to Sauté

A sautéed dish is the perfect quick-prep meal for rainy summer days or for cuts that are too small for the grill. Plus, a great sauté provides the basis for a delectable pan sauce, which will elevate your meal from just another dinner to a meal to remember!