Autumn’s Abundance: Cooking with Fall Produce

With the wide availability of fruits and vegetables from all over the world all year ’round, one could lose touch with the seasonality of our produce.

This time of year—from Labor Day until the snow starts to fly—offers a unique opportunity to combine the last of the late-summer harvest vegetables with early autumn varieties.

Local farmers’ markets and roadside stands are the bellwether of seasonal foods. Flavored by the summer sun, tomatoes, corn, peppers, and other treasures have dwindling availability. In growing numbers, earthy cabbages, apples, mushrooms, squashes, and root vegetables are making an appearance.

And in autumn, our methods of cooking change as well. The segue begins: from grilling and dining al fresco to gathering around the hearth for the comfort of braises, stews, and roasts.

So, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you combine the season’s best bounty with the freshest and finest meats money can buy. (more…)

New Video! How To: Stew

Chilly fall weather calls for tummy-warming comfort foods. In this how-to video tutorial, Mark Lobel shows you the step-by-step process of creating a delicious homemade stew.


Tasty Treats for Halloween

Whether you’re preparing for a houseful of costume-clad adults or making sure your youngsters head out for trick or treating with full tummies, a Halloween party or fall family dinner can become any kind of affair you like. Quick-serve dishes or hearty comfort food will fit the bill every time. And even though it’s Halloween, we demystify the scariest of culinary tasks for you with our expert tips and techniques.


New Video! How To: Grill Burgers with Direct Heat

What is more perfect to enjoy during a football game than a plump and juicy burger hot off the grill? Burgers up to 3/4 inch in size are best grilled using direct heat. In this how-to video tutorial, Evan Lobel shows you the step-by-step process of grilling a burger with the direct heat method.


We’re Raising the Bar on Stadium Food

The 2011 football season is officially underway, and Lobel’s has once again teamed up with Weber Grills to bring New York Jets and New York Giants fans the ultimate hot-off-the-grill steak and chicken sandwiches. And we’ve got a new convenient location!


How to Tailgate to Perfection

As smooth as gliding with Fred and Ginger, some tailgaters have it down pat. The ones who look like they’ve been partying in the parking lot since the stone age—tailgating pros, if you will. While some tailgating parties are as tight and organized as a champion offensive line, others are as loose as a backyard game of two-hand touch. (more…)

Super Menus are Great for any Game Day!

Football season is back. (And thank goodness it is!) That means it’s time for pigskin parties galore.

We’ve developed some menus for Super Sunday, but you don’t need to wait for February to give them a go, they’re perfect for any game—Thursday, Sunday, or Monday night!

And no matter what your party style, one of these menus is sure to please your hungry crowd of football fans. (more…)

Host a Delicious Pigskin Party

The rumble of the school bus. The crackle of leaves underfoot. The roar of the crowd and the tweet of the ref’s whistle. Yes, that means fall is here and so is football season. So gather all your buddies and host a football-watching party they won’t soon forget.



All About Sausage: From Humble Beginnings to Culinary Star

You know you’re digging into a great sausage when you get the first whiff of its enticing aroma, when you hear and feel the snap of its casing as you bite, when you taste the gush of flavor that fills your mouth and causes your eyes to go wide with amazement and total surrender.

Born of necessity and frugality in ancient times, sausages are among the oldest known prepared foods. Sausages can be found in a spectrum of shapes, sizes, and flavors in virtually every culture on earth. Germany, for example, lays claim to no less than 1,200 varieties.


Uniquely American: Southern Barbecue

Southern-style barbecue—the low-and-slow cooking process that transforms tough cuts of meat into meltingly tender morsels of rapture—is uniquely American. And, as the early Americans moved westward, barbecue accompanied them and changed dramatically in the process.

Barbecuing, or cooking in a smoker, is very different from grilling in terms of heat intensity and technique. Smoking woods are chosen for their regional availability and ability to complement the flavors of the meat.

Today, there are four predominant regional styles of Southern barbecue, and numerous sub-styles, spreading East to West. As you follow the barbecue path, the sauce changes from thin and vinegary to sweet and tomatoey the farther West you go. (more…)

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