New Video! How To: Grill Roast

While everyone with a grill is comfortable grilling steaks, chops, burgers, and hot dogs, cooking a roast on the grill might seem like a daunting task best left to the intrepid.

But grill-roasting a beef roast is easier than you think. In principal, the biggest difference between grilling a steak or a roast is the amount of time required to bring it to golden-brown, aromatic perfection—the juiciest and most tender roast you can imagine with unique flavors only cooking with smoke and flame can impart.


Summer is for Picnics!

Summertime is a time for eating and playing outdoors. That means it’s picnic weather! In order for a picnic to be enjoyable for everyone, the ambience must be casual and the food must be tasty and convenient. Set up, preparation, and clean up should be quick and easy. Because picnics aren’t just for eating—recreation is on the menu too. Frisbees, swimsuits, horseshoes, and kites are just as important as sandwiches, salads, and sodas! (more…)

A Tasting Theme Party: A Culinary Expedition

Whether you choose to explore the variety of preparations of one particular dish or take a culinary trek through a particular country or region via your menu, a themed tasting party is sure to excite the tastebuds of all your guests. (more…)

A Meat Tasting: Give Them Something to Talk About

Forget politics and religion for party talk. If you really want to get your get your guests involved in intense conversation and passionate debate, getting them to talk about food is a sure winner.

Everyone thinks they know what they like. So everyone has an opinion about food preferences. However, when presented with an array of side-by-side samplings, you’ll find participants admitting that they surprised themselves with the discovery of what they didn’t know about the nuances of tasting and their own taste preferences. (more…)

A Culinary Road Trip, Right on Your Grill

Burgers and hot dogs are staples of the classic American backyard get-together—easy to prepare and sure-fire summertime party pleasers. But they don’t have to be bland and boring with the same toppings time after time. In fact, you can host a tasting party centered just around these grilling-season favorites. Take the equivalent of a culinary road trip around our country and you’ll find a variety of ways to prepare burgers and dogs, depending on the region.

And whether your creation is authentic to a region or merely inspired by it, make it your own, make it delicious, and enjoy! (more…)

Dressed to Impress: Make Your Summertime Party Special with Elegant Presentation

Summer is the season for parties. It’s the time of year for graduation gatherings and family picnics, showers and anniversaries, garden parties and pool-side brunches.

When it comes to summer entertaining, we often think of backyard barbecues—a game of horseshoes, frosty mugs of ice-cold beer, and thick, juicy Porterhouse steaks sizzling away over the coals. But a party outdoors can be just as elegant as an indoor party. It’s all in how you present it.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for throwing an elegant summertime party. (more…)

What’s on a butcher’s menu for Father’s Day?

All of the Lobels—Stanley, Evan, Mark, and David—are butchers, sons of butchers, and fathers of a new generation of butchers in the making. And so, we thought we’d take a different look at Father’s Day by asking the butchers’ kids what makes the day special and memorable for them and their families. (more…)

What distinguishes a good steak from a great one?

Dry aging is what distinguishes a truly great steak from any other steak you will ever eat.

Imagine sitting before you is a prime, dry-aged steak, hot off the grill after a brief rest.

What strikes you first? Does the magnetic aroma of perfectly cooked Porterhouse, strip, rib steak, or filet pull you in? The appearance of grill marks? Or is it as the first bite hits your palate—the crunchy crust, the yielding interior, the burst of inimitable flavor, or the buttery juiciness? Or is it the awareness that you are about to embark on a peak dining experience? (more…)

Impress Your July 4th Guests

While everyone who grills is probably comfortable grilling chicken breasts, thighs, kabobs, and whole fryers, grilling a whole turkey might seem daunting.

But grill-roasting a turkey is easier than you think. In principal, the biggest difference between grilling a turkey or any other piece of poultry is the amount of time required to bring it to golden-brown, aromatic perfection. (more…)

Three Ways to Get Great Grilled Poultry

Poultry is such a marvelous meat—supple, juicy texture and unique flavor. It’s like starting with a blank canvas that, combined with spice and infusion, opens the door to a wide-ranging culinary landscape.

Add fire and smoke to the proceedings, and you’re talking about summer spectaculars that are off the charts. Here are some tips for excellent grilled poultry this summer. (more…)

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