Wood, Flame and Smoke: Agents of Flavor

When it comes to flavor, cooking with wood is the definitive game changer. Meat over a wood fire—it’s a link to our earliest ancestors. It’s earthy and primal and tastes like nothing else. Whether used as fuel, flame accelerator, or smoking medium, wood logs, chunks, and chips contribute their highly individual flavors to the finished dish as equal in importance as any other seasoning, spice, or herb.


Seasoned Burgers—Next Stop: Extraordinary!

Grilling the very best ground meats requires little else than some olive oil, salt, and pepper. It allows the inherent flavor of the meat to take center stage. There is absolutely no substitute for a juicy, tender patty that oozes delectable flavor from first bite to last.

Every now and then, however, you might want to shake up your summertime grilling by taking a walk on the untrodden path of flavor invention and innovation—and maybe, just maybe, discover the absolute best burger you’ve ever cooked.

Burger - Grill

Who Would Have Thought? Great Grilling Tools

When home grilling began its rocket-rise in popularity all over the U.S. in the post-war 50s, everybody was sort of feeling their way along about the special do-it-yourself requirements of cooking over a hot fire. That meant adapting tools that were common to indoor food preparation. As necessity is the mother of invention, reaching and working over a wide, flat cooking surface required extension, which gave us long-handled tongs, spatulas, and forks. It also required more protection than potholders could provide, giving rise to heat-resistant gloves and mitts.

Pretty basic stuff, right? Fast forward through the last 60 years and we’ve gotten unquestionably creative about mastering the art of grilling at home and on the road.

Do You Know how to Form a Perfect Patty?

Before you grill the perfect burger, you need to know how to form the perfect burger patty. Evan Lobel, 5th-generation butcher of venerated Lobel’s Prime Meats and Lobel’s of New York, shows you how to create a burger that will be fluffy and moist.


Ask the Butcher: What’s your first must-grill steak each grilling season?

It’s been a strange and unpredictable transition into spring here in New York. One week it was warm and sunny, the next it was snowing again, and the next it was windy and rainy.

But now we’re counting on the sun continuing to shine and the mercury slowly climbing. Spring had better be here to stay, because we’ve dragged our grills out of storage and we’re ready to throw some steaks on the flame!


Sizzling Summer Grilling Videos

Now that it’s grilling season, it’s time to uncover those grills, clean the grilling racks, and fire them up! Need a refresher on how to grill the perfect steak, burger, or roast? Look no further–we’ve rounded up our grilling videos right here for your convenience.


Culinary Classics: Eggs Benedict

You’d be hard pressed to find a breakfast dish more decadent than Eggs Benedict.

It’s the kind of dish that is food for the psyche and soul. It is the elegant pinnacle of comfort food, an ode to excess. If you’re looking for a healthy blast of protein and carbs to get your day started, make a beeline for yogurt and an egg-white sandwich. Eggs Benedict, and its infinite variations, is all about indulgence—throwing caution to the wind for an almost divine interaction with your food. It’s petit déjeuner for a lazy day.


Get Out: National Picnic Day is April 23!

Here in New York, come March and April, we’re ready to be rid of cold, dreary, wintry weather. When the sun comes out and the days begin to warm up, we just can’t wait to do one thing: get outside!

National Picnic Day is the perfect way to enjoy the beginning of the new season. Crocuses, hyacinth, and daffodils are blooming. Robins are digging for worms in the grass. Trees are just beginning to bud. So why not take a meal outside and enjoy the freshly blooming outdoors on April 23? (more…)

Tabletop Searing: Mission Accomplished

From apartment dwellers to the inveterate griller who wants a grill at the ready whenever and wherever, charcoal tabletop grills, like Weber’s Smokey Joe, are ideal for a day at the beach, an off-road adventure, tailgating in a stadium parking lot, or a picnic in the park. They are a practical solution anywhere a full-size grill is impractical.

Small size is a distinct advantage when you’re talking about travel worthiness. However, it’s a disadvantage when you want a fire hot enough to handle searing effectively.


Stay Connected with Lobel’s!

Did you know that every single day that our shop on Madison Avenue in Manhattan is open, there is a Lobel family member there cutting meat? The shop is never open without a Lobel behind the butcher block. Why? Because we take pride in our product—it is our family name after all—and because we want to stay connected with our customers. There is something to say for being able to look our customer in the eye as we hand them a package of freshly cut steaks. (more…)

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