Culinary Classic: Texas-Style Smoked Brisket

For such a humble piece of meat, brisket sure gets a lot of attention.

From Passover mainstay to the center of attention at a family Sunday dinner to a great reason to have a backyard get-together on a cloudless summer afternoon, brisket’s big beefy flavor and typical ample size makes it large enough for a single piece to feed a hungry crowd. Its very nature brings people together to a communal setting, be it sit-down with the good china or an open-house buffet with paper and plastic (more…)

Keeping Grilled Sausages in Shape

There’s a big difference between cooking fresh sausages versus fully cooked sausages on the grill. You’re looking for the same result with each, but how you get there requires different paths.

Linguica Sausage


Break out the Pork—It’s National BBQ Month!

The term barbecue comes from barbacoa, which is purported to translate as “sacred fire pit.” And fittingly so, because we can hardly think of a more transcendent food experience than sinking your teeth into the melt-in-your-mouth results of true low-and-slow barbecue. The results are fully worth waiting and watching for hours upon hours, and the experience is pure bliss.


Meat on a Stick – It’s That Simple

Does the prospect of preparing a grilled party menu for more than 10 people make your palms sweat? Kabobs can feed armies. In fact, Middle Eastern armies are credited with the invention of kabobs having used their swords as skewers for meats that were roasted over open-flame fires.



Try a Little Tenderness

Cut slices from the same steak but in two different directions, and you would never believe they came from the same steak at all. One will be tender, soft, and easy on the bite. The other will be chewier and, generally, a less than optimum eating experience by comparison. (more…)

Breakfast of (Grilling) Champions

Not many of us think of getting up in the morning, pouring a cup of coffee, and firing up the grill. But hey, why not? A delicious breakfast hot off the grill could turn any lazy, leisurely summer morning into a day to remember. (more…)

Brisket Variations

Brisket is one of our more popular cuts at Lobel’s of New York. Customers are always asking for it, and we’ve learned over the years that people are passionate about their brisket! That said, brisket is not the same thing to all people. To some, it’s the quintessential cut for good ol’ low-and-slow barbeque. To others, it’s a slow-cooked comfort food. And to others, it’s the centerpiece to a traditional Passover feast.


The Straight and Narrow: Asparagus

Cultivated since ancient times, asparagus is a harbinger of spring virtually worldwide. Whether stir-fried in China, bathed in Hollandaise sauce in Germany or the Netherlands, or grilled over a wood fire on the California coast, asparagus is not only delicious, it is loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber.

Asparagus isolated on white background


Culinary Classic: Paella

If you love food, you have to watch this YouTube video. It’s about the making of the best paella in the world—or so the title claims. By the end, no doubt, you will believe every word is true. And if this doesn’t leave you weak in the knees and salivating or make you want to catch the next Iberia airliner to Spain, you surely have ice water in your veins.



Corned Beef: A Salty Tradition

Corned beef has nothing to do with stalks, silk, husks, or cobs.

The corn in corned beef refers to the English use of the word to describe various particles with a bigger-than-granular texture. And, in this case in particular, it means the coarse salt used to cure the beef. (more…)

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