Maple Syrup: How Sweet It Is

Some foods just have an affinity for one another. Take pancakes or waffles, for example. They are so inextricably bound to maple syrup that you have to think twice about what else you might put on them—besides butter, of course.


Recipe: Grilled Apples

Who doesn’t love apples? These crunchy, juicy, sweet fruits are a hand-held treat that can be enjoyed straight off the tree. They also make some of the best baked desserts–from apple pies, tarts, and crisps to apple muffins, cakes, and more.

But did you know apples are also great for grilling? Grilled Apples are easy to prepare and full of flavor. They are the perfect accompaniment to grilled pork or poultry and make for a sweet dessert.

Click here for our Grilled Apples recipe!

Grilled Apples

Have you ever had grilled apples? What variety of apple do you use to make grilled apples? Do you add any additional flavors to your grilled apples?

How to Cook with Maple Syrup This March!

March is typically the month that maple trees are tapped  to collect sap—the first step in the maple syrup making process.

In honor of this, we have put together a Tap Into the Flavor of Maple Pinterest board that includes many ways to incorporate maple syrup into your meals this month. Find recipes like Maple Ginger Chicken Thighs, Maple Bacon Pretzel Rods, and myriad other sweet and savory dishes!

Pinterest Maple

Have you cooked with maple syrup before? What is your favorite way to enjoy maple syrup? Have you ever tapped a maple tree?

How To Pan Roast the Perfect Steak

How To Pan-roast the Perfect Steak

Do you know how to pan-cook a perfect steak? Let America’s #1 family of butchers show you how!

There are 8 steps to a perfect steak and the ingredient list is simpler than you think.


Try these New Video Recipes to Impress Your Valentine!

When it comes to romantic occasions, your sweetheart is guaranteed to be impressed if you put the time and effort into a delicious, intimate, candlelit dinner at home.

Nothing shows your affections better than the attention required to craft the perfect menu and attend to every detail of a lovingly prepared meal.

To inspire you, we’ve asked some of our friends on YouTube to create an amazing entree worthy of this romantic holiday using product from our online butcher shop. What they’ve come up with are some really drool-worthy preparations.

Check out these all-new videos (below) and get inspired for your best Valentine’s Day dinner yet!


Cut of the Month: Rack of Lamb

The Lobel family of Lobel’s Prime Meats in Manhattan and Lobel’s of New York online butcher shop are fourth- and fifth-generation butchers. With our Cut of the Month series, we will bring you their wealth of knowledge and expertise on specific cuts of meat, including their unique characteristics, preparation methods, and how to select the best cut.

Mild and delicate, Lobel’s Frenched Rack of Lamb is exquisite. It is a sophisticated roast that makes a beautiful presentation and is easy to carve.

At 24 ounces, it’s the perfect cut for two to share. And since Valentine’s Day is almost here, we’ve selected Rack of Lamb as this month’s Cut of the Month.

Lamb - Frenched Rack - Plated


NEW! Lobel’s Introduces Prime Rib Burger

Prime rib isn’t just for holidays and Sunday suppers anymore! We’ve taken what our customers love about prime rib—the juiciness and the bold, beefy flavor—and incorporated it into a burger.



Culinary Classic: Boeuf Bourguignon

When venerated chef, cookbook author, and TV celebrity, Julia Child, launched her groundbreaking televised cooking show “The French Chef” in 1962, she chose for her first recipe on her first show a classic peasant stew of beef, mushrooms, onions, and red wine: Boeuf Bourguignon.

Beef Burgundy


Culinary DIY: Sweetheart Steak

When you mean “I love you,” say it with steak

Here’s a delight for the eye as well as the palate: The Sweetheart Steak—a boneless rib or strip steak butterflied into the shape of a heart. As you might imagine this is a popular presentation for birthdays, anniversaries and, of course, Valentine’s Day.

And while you can have one of Lobel’s master butchers butterfly a steak for you, here are DIY instructions to butterfly at home.


How To Pan Roast the Perfect Steak

How To Pan Roast the Perfect Steak

Do you know how to pan-cook a perfect steak? Let America’s #1 family of butchers show you how!

There are 8 steps to a perfect steak and the ingredient list is simpler than you think.


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