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New Video! T-Bone vs. Porterhouse: What’s the Difference?

At Lobel’s, we offer many cuts of beef. Customers are often asking us, what’s the difference between this and that? Fairly often, we are asked this about T-bones and Porterhouses. They both look very similar, with the characteristic T-shaped bone in the middle. Watch as David Lobel shows you what the difference is.


Ask the Butcher: USDA Grades of Beef

Ever wonder what the difference is between Prime, Choice, and Select beef? How do they look different? What’s the difference in taste, texture, and flavor? In this video Mark Lobel, 5th generation butcher from venerated Lobel’s, explains it all.


New Video! How to Sauté

A sautéed dish is the perfect quick-prep meal for rainy summer days or for cuts that are too small for the grill. Plus, a great sauté provides the basis for a delectable pan sauce, which will elevate your meal from just another dinner to a meal to remember!


Do You Know how to Form a Perfect Patty?

Before you grill the perfect burger, you need to know how to form the perfect burger patty. Evan Lobel, 5th-generation butcher of venerated Lobel’s Prime Meats and Lobel’s of New York, shows you how to create a burger that will be fluffy and moist.


Sizzling Summer Grilling Videos

Now that it’s grilling season, it’s time to uncover those grills, clean the grilling racks, and fire them up! Need a refresher on how to grill the perfect steak, burger, or roast? Look no further–we’ve rounded up our grilling videos right here for your convenience.


How To: Braise Video

Braising is a moist-heat method of cooking that renders large and/or tough cuts of meat and poultry fork-tender and surrounded by luscious gravy and aromatic vegetables.

Braising and stewing are related in that they are a technique of cooking meat in liquid at relatively low temperature for an extended period of time. The differences are in the size of pieces being cooked and the amount of liquid used to cook the dish. The end product is a delight to the senses and the very definition of comfort food.

Presented by David Lobel, our new “How-To: Braise” video is a short step-by-step procedure for braising the Lobel way.


How To: Pan-Broil a Steak Video

Customers are always asking us what the secret ingredient of a perfectly cooked steak is. The answer is simple: An incredible steak. You don’t even need a grill. If you’re cooking indoors, you can still achieve an unbelievably juicy, perfectly cooked steak. Pan broiling is a two-stage method that uses your broiler for searing and finishing to your preferred degree of doneness. In this video, Stanley Lobel takes you step-by-step through the technique of pan-broiling a steak.

How To: Pan-Roast a Steak Video

When you start with a great raw steak, any way you choose to do it, you’ll wind up with a great-tasting cooked steak. In this video, Mark Lobel walks you through how to pan roast a steak. Pan roasting is a two-stage method incorporating high-heat searing on the stove top and lower-temperature finishing in the oven. A steak seared in a hot pan develops an intensely flavorful caramelized crust that seals in juices that simply burst in your mouth with every bite.


New Video! How to Butcher a Tenderloin

Whether you’re looking to be more economical by buying larger cuts and breaking them down at home, or if you want to be more hands-on with your food, or if you’re just a DIY-er at heart, this new video is for you. Evan Lobel walks you through how to butcher a whole tenderloin at home.


Your Complete Holiday Roast Resource

At this time of year, it seems that everyone is planning for that big holiday dinner. Some of the most frequent questions we get are about rib roasts: How big? How many servings? How long to roast? What temperature?

So we’ve assembled just about everything we could think of to tell you about planning and preparing one of our rib roasts for your holiday extravaganza.

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