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Get Ready for Thanksgiving with our Videos!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s time to get prepared for the long-awaited day. We have all five of our Thanksgiving videos together in one convenient spot to get you ready for Thanksgiving dinner! Whether you want to know how to use a compound butter under the skin for a moist turkey, how to season the bird for better flavor throughout, how to roast the best Thanksgiving turkey, or even how to carve the meat for your guests, we’ve got videos for that!


Back to School: Your Meat Education


Every year, come late August and early September, whether you have kids or not, it’s hard not to get back-to-school fever. Going back to school isn’t just for kids and teens—you can learn something new too! Get an education on the basics of meat from these videos by the Lobel family and Martha Stewart!


Are you socializing with us?

Did you know that every single day that our shop on Madison Avenue in Manhattan is open, there is a Lobel family member there cutting meat? The shop is never open without a Lobel behind the butcher block.

Why? Because we take pride in our product—it is our family name after all—and because we want to stay connected with our customers. There is something to say for being able to look our customer in the eye as we hand them a package of freshly cut steaks. (more…)

New Video! How To Make Cranberry Sauce

Freshly made cranberry sauce to complement your Thanksgiving turkey is the best! Making a delicious cranberry sauce is very simple—and it’s even easy to put your own personal touch on it with additional ingredients and flavors. Watch as we show you how to make a simple fresh cranberry sauce with cinnamon and orange.


A Steak to Celebrate: Filet Mignon

It seems like there is a holiday out there to celebrate just about everything. And plenty of them are very specific or just plain weird food holidays—such as “Something on a Stick Day,” “Turkey Neck Soup Day,” or “Chocolate Covered Insects Day.” But the one food holiday that we actually look forward to each year is National Filet Mignon Day on August 13.



The English Have Never Heard of London Broil

The preparation of London Broil is a thoroughly American creation, one that dates back to colonial times, but was different from today’s version. Back then, a relatively thin and less tender cut of steak was pan-fried and cut into thin slices on the bias across the grain.

Today’s version includes marinating the steak for several hours to tenderize it before cooking it with high heat, either in a broiler or on the grill, to no more than medium-rare.



All Things Super for Game Day!

Super Sunday is quickly approaching! Whether you’re looking for general tips on what to serve, football party menus, how to make the perfect burger patties for your guests, or if you want to know what the Lobel family likes to do for the big game day—we’ve got you covered! All of our articles related to creating a memorable  Super Sunday are now in one place.



Stew: One-Pot Wonder

With the holidays over, every night can’t be a perfect Porterhouse or fabulous filet. The pendulum, however, doesn’t have to swing completely from awesome to austere. You don’t have to sacrifice peak dining just because you’re being frugal about what you put on the table.

So how do you reconcile the desire for exceptional eating experiences any day of the week with an equal desire to be more economical in the kitchen?

4515_00_CowboyBeefStew-S (more…)

Watch “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School” featuring Evan Lobel!

This past weekend, Evan Lobel was featured in an episode about home butchering on Martha Stewart’s new show, “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.”

Evan Lobel & Martha Stewart

Evan Lobel & Martha Stewart
Photo credit: Rob Tannenbaum/MSLO


Everything Thanksgiving

In many American families, Thanksgiving is the biggest and grandest meal of the year. Traditions abound, from what is served and what dishes are used to who sits where during the meal. Over the years, we’ve offered our customers a lot of advice about Thanksgiving dinner preparation. So here is a round-up of past posts for your Thanksgiving-dinner-cooking convenience!


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