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Welcome Early Fall with these 3 Hearty and Unusual Meals for the Grill

This time of the year often brings about a few challenges. The autumn weather is fast approaching, but you still have the desire to fire up the grill.

The days are slowly but surely getting shorter. Plus, back-to-school and busy schedules make for less time to prep and cook meals. Even so, you still want to enjoy a nice hearty dinner. To help, we’ve compiled three recipes for hearty meals you might not have known you could prepare on the grill.

These meals are perfect to ease your transition into fall!



Gravy: The Crowning Touch

Nowadays, you can cook a turkey just about any way you want. We have the technology and equipment readily at our disposal, from traditional roasting—radiant or convection—to smoking, deep-frying, and even boiling.

But, if your goal is to bathe just about everything on your Thanksgiving dinner plate with a silky rich, light-brown layer of homemade turkey gravy, then you need to narrow your choices and follow tradition: oven-roast the turkey. As a side benefit, your home will fill with the signature aromas of our annual Thanksgiving traditions.

Roasting—particularly roasting a stuffed turkey—melds the varying flavor components of seasonings on and within the turkey and captures them for transformation into the nectar of Thanksgiving dinner.


Ask the Butcher: Favorites for Fall

The fall season is upon us! The weather is getting colder and sunsets are getting earlier. The days and nights are perfect for cozying up with a hot meal and a comfy blanket!

We’ve asked the Lobel family what their favorite fall ingredients are for cooking at home.


What to pair with roast pork this fall? Chutney!

It’s National Pork Month. It’s also October, and in our kitchens that means lots of delicious roast meats paired with the delicious seasonal produce and aromatic herbs and spices. One of the best ways to combine these favorite fall flavors is by pairing your favorite pork roast with a delightful chutney. (more…)

The Art of Reduction

A really great sauce, stew, or soup takes some time to develop. Think of your favorite spaghetti sauce over a low-and-slow, steady simmer for hours upon hours. On the other hand, a rolling boil on high heat achieves the same objective in a matter of minutes when making a quick stove-top sauce.

Either way, the goal is evaporation. Getting rid of excess water naturally concentrates flavors lending depth and complexity, the foundations of a peak taste experience.

When it comes to beef, evaporation plays a crucial role in the dry-aging process. Over the course of the 6 weeks or so that Lobel’s dry ages its USDA Prime, Natural Prime, and Wagyu Beef, the meat loses about 30% of its weight through water evaporation. During this time, the size of the piece of meat physically shrinks and the flavor of the beef concentrates into the buttery, nutty flavor that is the hallmark of Lobel’s dry-aged beef.

Similarly when you let a big pot of sauce, stock, or soup steam away, you’ll notice that, over time, the volume of liquid shrinks and the surface level gets lower and lower in the pot.


Fall Finger-Foods: Inspiration for Spooky Starters

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween get-together or looking to feed your family with festive fun finger-foods before they head out for a night of tricks and treats, check out our new board on Pinterest for some inspiration! (more…)

Great Meals, No Matter the Weather


As summer fades into autumn, our focus on meal planning begins its own transition. It’s that time of year when we’re reluctant to give up our grilling tongs and wood chips, yet our thoughts turn to the seasonal harvest and our appetites build for meals offering comfort and warmth.

So, take advantage of any good weather the season offers. However, it’s a good idea to build menus around dishes that can be prepared outdoors or indoors if a change in the weather requires a change in your cooking and entertaining game plan.


Autumn’s Abundance: Cooking with Fall Produce

With the wide availability of fruits and vegetables from all over the world all year ’round, one could lose touch with the seasonality of our produce.

This time of year—from Labor Day until the snow starts to fly—offers a unique opportunity to combine the last of the late-summer harvest vegetables with early autumn varieties.

Local farmers’ markets and roadside stands are the bellwether of seasonal foods. Flavored by the summer sun, tomatoes, corn, peppers, and other treasures have dwindling availability. In growing numbers, earthy cabbages, apples, mushrooms, squashes, and root vegetables are making an appearance.

And in autumn, our methods of cooking change as well. The segue begins: from grilling and dining al fresco to gathering around the hearth for the comfort of braises, stews, and roasts.

So, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you combine the season’s best bounty with the freshest and finest meats money can buy. (more…)

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