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What distinguishes a good steak from a great one?

Dry aging is what distinguishes a truly great steak from any other steak you will ever eat.

Imagine sitting before you is a prime, dry-aged steak, hot off the grill after a brief rest.

What strikes you first? Does the magnetic aroma of perfectly cooked Porterhouse, strip, rib steak, or filet pull you in? The appearance of grill marks? Or is it as the first bite hits your palate—the crunchy crust, the yielding interior, the burst of inimitable flavor, or the buttery juiciness? Or is it the awareness that you are about to embark on a peak dining experience? (more…)

New Video! How To: Grill the Perfect Burger with Indirect Heat

A big, juicy burger hot off the grill. Does anything bring outdoors, fun, and entertaining to mind more readily? The key here is big and juicy, as opposed to small and dry, which can happen if you don’t manage your burger and your grill. (more…)

New! “How To” Video

The Lobel family shows you master grilling techniques, step by step. Check out this new video for tips and techniques for grilling the perfect steak. (more…)

Ask the Butcher: What are your favorite cuts to grill?

Customers who are unfamiliar with Lobel’s fresh, dry-aged meats frequently want our recommendation about what to buy, asking: What’s the best steak for grilling?

Honestly, there’s no single answer or best cut. It’s all about deciding the best steak for each individual’s taste preference.


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