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Ask the Butcher: How are you celebrating Independence Day?

The next big holiday is the Fourth of July. It’s one of those holidays where everyone seems to be outside, enjoying the weather, having parties, and watching fireworks. We asked the Lobels how they plan to spend this summertime holiday.


Ask the Butcher: What’s your first must-grill steak each grilling season?

It’s been a strange and unpredictable transition into spring here in New York. One week it was warm and sunny, the next it was snowing again, and the next it was windy and rainy.

But now we’re counting on the sun continuing to shine and the mercury slowly climbing. Spring had better be here to stay, because we’ve dragged our grills out of storage and we’re ready to throw some steaks on the flame!


Ask the Butcher: How do you spend Super Sunday?

As fourth- and fifth-generation butchers, the Lobels are often asked what they serve for certain holidays and events. Since everyone has football fever right now, we asked the Lobels how they spend Super Sunday and what’s on the menu.


Ask the Butcher: How do you carve a turkey?

Evan Lobel gave a master’s class on carving holiday turkeys when he joined Martha Stewart for a live demonstration on Martha. He was featured in a segment called “30 Things Everyone Should Know.” You can watch the video on Martha’s website.


What’s on a butcher’s menu for Father’s Day?

All of the Lobels—Stanley, Evan, Mark, and David—are butchers, sons of butchers, and fathers of a new generation of butchers in the making. And so, we thought we’d take a different look at Father’s Day by asking the butchers’ kids what makes the day special and memorable for them and their families.


Three Ways to Get Great Grilled Poultry

Poultry is such a marvelous meat—supple, juicy texture and unique flavor. It’s like starting with a blank canvas that, combined with spice and infusion, opens the door to a wide-ranging culinary landscape.

Add fire and smoke to the proceedings, and you’re talking about summer spectaculars that are off the charts. Here are some tips for excellent grilled poultry this summer. (more…)

Ask the Butcher: What’s your entertaining style?

Thoughts of winter entertaining bring to mind images and auras that are warm and comfy—candle or fire light, a whiff of cinnamon, colors of brown and gold.

Spring time entertaining is about light and sparkle, fresh air, the smell of a newly mowed lawn, and the aroma of something fabulous on the grill. It’s also about options—indoor or outdoor, formal or casual.


Ask the Butcher: What are your favorite cuts to grill?

Customers who are unfamiliar with Lobel’s fresh, dry-aged meats frequently want our recommendation about what to buy, asking: What’s the best steak for grilling?

Honestly, there’s no single answer or best cut. It’s all about deciding the best steak for each individual’s taste preference.


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