Mise en Place Part III: Pepper

In a sense, pepper is the reason we are here today. “We” meaning Americans, and “here” meaning in North America. We have intrepid, seafaring explorers and an insatiable appetite for pepper and other spices to thank. As they set out to find new trade routes to Southeast Asia, where pepper and many other spices were […]

New Video! Prime Rib vs. USDA Prime Rib

Ever wonder what “prime rib” really means? Is it the same as USDA Prime Rib? Watch as Stanley Lobel shows you the differences between the two phrases.

Culinary Classic: Beef Wellington

If homemade soup is comfort in a cup, Beef Wellington is indulgence on a platter. It starts with luxurious ingredients and comes to table in elegant golden glory.

Feast Your Eyes: Comfort Food for Fall

The autumnal equinox is nearly upon us, and that means it’s time for hearty, delicious meals that stick to your ribs and warm you to your toes! We’ve got our minds on fall food favorites, so we created a board on Pinterest all about Comfort Food for Fall.

August is National Sandwich & Panini Month!

We love all the crazy national food holidays. It gives us a chance to talk with our fans and customers about a variety of foods, from the unique and odd to the everyday and traditional. This month it’s National Sandwich Month and National Panini Month. So we put our culinary thinking caps on and put […]

Mise en Place Part II: Salt

Talk about multitasking! Salt has been in use since ancient times and has, some say, 14,000 distinct uses. It is our oldest spice, and yet, so much more. Earliest discoveries of salt-production plants date back to more than 8,000 years to Romania and China. Ancient Egyptians traded salted foods to the Phoenicians in return for […]

Ask the Butcher: What’s your favorite summertime meal?

As summer rounds the bend of the seasonal road, we tend to think of how to make the most of the last few weeks of summer that we have left. Whether it be relaxing on the porch with an iced tea, lounging in the shade reading a book, enjoying your favorite summertime meal with your […]

Culinary Classics: Steak Diane

Steak Diane is the classic sauté with pan sauce for carnivores who prefer flair in their meal presentation—and enjoy a bit of flare with their tableside preparation. On the U.S.front in post-WWII days, casseroles, croquettes, creamed vegetables, chiffon pies, TV dinners, anything you could wrap in bacon, drive-ins, and an expanding range of modern boxed, canned, […]

Ask the Butcher: USDA Grades of Beef

Ever wonder what the difference is between Prime, Choice, and Select beef? How do they look different? What’s the difference in taste, texture, and flavor? In this video Mark Lobel, 5th generation butcher from venerated Lobel’s, explains it all.

The Flavors of Summer

From buttery corn on the cob to cool mint mojitos, favorite summertime foods abound. This collection of summer-inspired flavors is sure to whet your appetite. We’ve included all the summertime classics, from basic preparations like pasta primavera, to unexpected treats like grilled balsamic strawberries!

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