Fanning the Flames: Choosing a Fire Starter for Grilling

The charcoal-grilled steak you’ve been craving all week long finally hits your plate hot and ready on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s your reward for five long days of earning a living, and it’s the inducement that eases you into another stint of hard labor in the coming days. Imagine your disappointment when your first […]

Grilled Corn: Lend Me Your Ear

Grilling corn on the cob imbues the tender kernels with incomparable flavors and aroma. The tastes of the sweet corn milk, smoke, and char take corn on the cob out of the usual. Add to that new combinations of toppings that can be spread, sprinkled, or poured and you’re into flavor territory that begs to […]

Cookout 3 Ways: Your Guide to Backyard Entertaining

Summer is the perfect time to fire up the grill and have a party! The menu is a very important part of any great gathering. Whether you’re hosting a family-style bash, a casual backyard get-together, or an elegant dinner party under the stars, make sure you choose the right cuisine for the occasion.

Cut of the Month: Flat Iron Steak

The Lobel family of Lobel’s Prime Meats in Manhattan and Lobel’s of New York online butcher shop are fourth- and fifth-generation butchers. With our Cut of the Month series, we will bring you their wealth of knowledge and expertise on specific cuts of meat, including their unique characteristics, preparation methods, and how to select the best […]

Culinary Classic: Club Sandwich

A great sandwich is a thing of beauty. There’s something special about the perfect balance of bread, meat, vegetables, and condiments—that melange of crispness, juiciness, and chewiness coming together in each and every bite. And few sandwiches provide that blend quite as perfectly as the club sandwich.

Culinary DIY: Bacon-Wrapped Steaks

When it comes to DIY in the kitchen, some things are harder than others. For instance, getting a hollandaise sauce just right might take some patience and practice. But today we’re bringing you something so simple, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it with every steak you’ve ever eaten. Wrap it in bacon.

Bacon-Wrapped EVERYTHING!

Have you found that adding bacon to most dishes and appetizers makes it better? We have! So for a great summery idea, instead of just adding bacon let’s wrap some bacon around it.

Weird Bacon Creations

Bacon is no longer just a delicious side to pair with eggs for breakfast. Bacon enthusiasts are pushing their love of bacon to the limits. You may start to question the saying “everything tastes better with bacon” when you read about some of these bacon creations.

How to Make Your Own Bacon

A very good friend of ours once quipped, “Hey honey, let’s have the Chateaubriand and lobster for dinner tonight, and save the bacon for a special occasion.” Sound absurd? Not so much for die-hard bacon lovers. The very mention of the word bacon in public is bound to attract attention and start necks craning among […]


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