Spice Explorer: Za ‘atar

Do you find yourself using the same tired-and-true spices and herbs for seasoning the same dish over and over again? Want to get exotic? You don’t have to fly around the planet to get that experience. You can do it right in your own kitchen. With Spice Explorer, we’re going to take you on a […]

Celebrating our 175th Anniversary: Remembering Previous Generations

Although Stanley Lobel never knew his grandfather Nathan, he describes how he slaughtered his own farm-raised steers and delivered cuts of meat to neighbors and residents in the town of Scharnitz, Austria, where Nathan grew up. Stanley’s grandfather was one of six children and along with being a farmer and butcher, he also served as […]

Culinary Classic: Spaghetti alla Carbonara

How can so many home cooks and restaurants bastardize one of the most fantastic and classic Roman pasta dishes as if it doesn’t matter? Originally created from pantry staples for a fast, late-night meal, Spaghetti alla Carbonara is so sorely misinterpreted. It is difficult to find the real thing unless you make it yourself.

Love BBQ? This is the easiest & best BBQ you’ll ever taste!

Over the years, we’ve participated in a number of food and wine shows and events, and we’ve fed hundreds if not thousands of hungry foodies. The one thing we can serve to a big crowd that we know will be a show-stopper is our barbecued brisket. In fact, here are some of the things we’ve […]

Spotlight on Lobel’s Dry Rub

This year, in celebration of our 175th anniversary, we’ve expanded our product offerings with the introduction of a new line of four all-natural, preservative-free seasonings and sauces for meats. The new products include Lobel’s BBQ Sauce, Lobel’s Dry Rub, Lobel’s Steak Sauce, and Lobel’s New York Marinade. We’re shining a spotlight this month on Lobel’s […]

Cut of the Month: St. Louis Ribs

The Lobel family of Lobel’s Prime Meats in Manhattan and Lobel’s of New York online butcher shop are fourth- and fifth-generation butchers. With our Cut of the Month series, we will bring you their wealth of knowledge and expertise on specific cuts of meat, including their unique characteristics, preparation methods, and how to select the best […]

Celebrating our 175th Anniversary: Remembering Leon Lobel

“Dad was the best butcher and teacher I ever had,” remembers Evan Lobel of his father Leon who passed away 10 years ago. Working together in the small 600-square-foot space was like a perfectly orchestrated dance—each would anticipate the other’s moves, and to this day Evan feels extremely lucky and grateful to have had so […]

Ask the Butcher: What’s Your Favorite Grilled Meal?

Summer is in full swing! The days are long and the weather is beautiful, which can only mean one thing—it’s officially cookout season! We asked the Lobels to tell us about their favorite grilled meals for backyard entertaining.

Grilled Pizza: You Might Never Want Store-Bought Again

“As American as apple pie” is often heard to convey our deep and abiding affection for a bakery staple that is symbolic of everything entwined with our national identity and patriotic pride. But as history proves, apple pie isn’t originally American at all. And given the run of popularity, we could just as easily claim […]

Celebrating our 175th Anniversary: Spotlight on Mark Lobel

“I always had the passion for the business,” says Stanley Lobel’s youngest son Mark, who started working at Lobel’s in 1986. Despite trying his hand at other jobs, Mark always preferred the family business, and after receiving a degree in Business Administration from Long Island University he began working full time in the store.

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