3 Reasons Why Meat is the Best Gift You Can Give this Holiday

When you give a gift, you want to thoroughly delight your recipient. You’re looking for surprise, elation, a smile, or perhaps a gasp, right? Well, how about making them salivate as well?

You can elicit all these reactions by giving the epitome of food gifts—the finest and freshest meats money can buy.

1. It’s Memorable

Giving the gift of meat might seem unusual, but just think about all of the memories and positive experiences in your life centered around food and meat—the holiday dinners, birthday celebrations, fun dinner parties, and more.

When you gift someone meat from Lobel’s of New York, you’re essentially giving a luxury dining experience and a delicious memory they will have forever.

2. It’s the Perfect Give for Someone Who “Has it All”

At one point or another, we’ve all found ourselves shopping for someone who seems to have everything. What they probably don’t have is the finest and freshest steak, dry aged to perfection, ready to cook for an unmatched dining experience.

Every home-cooked meal can be just as luxurious and delicious as going to a restaurant. Give someone the gift they never knew they wanted and won’t be able to forget!

3. It’s Impressive & Unexpected

It’s unlikely that most people have “fresh meat” at the top of their wish list. So they’ll be even more surprised and delighted when you send this unexpected—yet always welcome—delicious gift.

And meats from Lobel’s of New York are delivered via FedEx overnight service, which is always an impressive added touch. Our Styrofoam cooler, vacuum-sealed packaging, and frozen gel packs will keep the meat safe and cold as it makes its way to your recipient on a FedEx truck.


Ready to Give it a Try?

Whether the recipients on your list love beef, veal, or lamb or they’re partial to pork or poultry, you’ll find many delicious and impressive options at Lobel’s.

You can also give the gift of Lobel’s in the form of a gift certificate. This gives your recipient double the enjoyment—once when they receive the certificate and again when they redeem the certificate and the meat is delivered to their door!

The finest and freshest meat delivered overnight is sure to delight your gift recipients. They’ll not only appreciate your obvious generosity and excellent taste, they’ll be thanking you again and again with every bite.


Have you given meat as a gift? Has someone given you meat as a gift? What steak would you gift to the foodie on your list? What Lobel’s of New York product would you put on your wish list?



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