7 Apple Recipes You Need to Try This Fall

Fall is here and that means it’s apple season! While some might look forward to sweet apple treats when the weather turns chilly—such as apple pie, apple crisp, baked apples, or cider—we look forward to incorporating this seasonal produce into our entrées.

Apples are wonderful to cook with and they pair well with a variety of meats, such as veal, pork, poultry, and sausages. Which of these tasty apple recipes will you try first?

Turkey-Veal Apple Burgers

A common complaint about ground turkey is that it’s dry. We agree that it needs moisture, which is why we often combine the turkey with another ground meat and other ingredients. Here, the apples provide flavorful moisture, while the bread crumbs help hold it in the meat. Mixing the turkey with ground veal helps, too.

Enjoy these tasty burgers with a light blend of ground turkey and veal. The perfect burger for fall, this recipe can be grilled outdoors or prepare it on a grill-pan indoors.

Pork Chops with Apple Brandy

This recipe for pan-seared chops bathed in a warm-you-to-your-toes apple brandy sauce is the very definition of what a fall entrée should be.

Pork Chops with Apple Brandy

Photo courtesy of National Pork Board, www.pork.org

Sautéed German Sausages with Bacon and Apple Sauerkraut

In Germany’s Pfalz region, cooks braise sauerkraut with onion, apples, seasonings, a touch of sugar, and a little of the region’s Riesling wine, creating an addictive accompaniment for juicy weisswurst. The kraut’s light sweetness pairs perfectly with a slightly off-dry German Riesling, particularly one from the 2003 vintage; try the appley 2003 Pfeffingen Pfeffo or the minerally 2003 S.A. Prüm Blue Slate.

Broiled Pork Chops with Vegetable Medley and Cinnamon Apples

Simply broiled pork chops accompany sautéed apples and a favorite vegetable for a simple but satisfying supper. Add a salad and breadsticks to complete the meal.

Broiled Pork Chops with Vegetable Medley and Cinnamon Apples

Photo courtesy of National Pork Board, www.pork.org

Pan-Roasted Veal Chops with Applejack Sauce and Caramelized Onion and Apple Hash

This dish, delicious any time, is ideal on a cool, crisp fall evening. Like pork, veal is sweet and mild enough to complement fruity accompaniments and sauces. We rely on applejack, which is apple brandy, to flavor the chops, and serve them with a sweet, rich hash made with apples and caramelized onions.

Crispy Pork Belly with Apple Herb Sauce

This is the most succulent & delicious Pressed Pork Belly you will ever taste. The pork belly is braised with apples, shallots, herbs, white wine, and apple ale. Then the belly is pressed, sliced, and crisped in the oven. To serve, the belly is placed on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes and sprinkled with the pan gravy.

Pork Tenderloin Marinated in Apple Cider

If you are able to enjoy a sunny fall day and get a little more grilling in before winter hits, you’ll want to try this recipe. One of the best ways to cook pork is on the grill. Even the succulent tenderloin shines when marinated with a full-bodied marinade and then grilled.


Do you like to cook with apples in the fall? What is your favorite way to cook with apples? What is your favorite meat dish that incorporates apples?

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