Looking Forward to the Sixth Generation of Lobels

With the sixth generation of Lobels poised to enter the work force, perhaps a few of them will find their way into the beloved 600-square-foot butcher shop on Madison Avenue that has remained a family tradition for more than 60 years.


Michael, Jessica, and David Lobel

Michael, Jessica, and David Lobel

Stanley Lobel’s oldest son David calls his two children “the most wonderful kids in the world.”

His daughter Jessica is 22 years old and recently graduated cum laude from Quinnipiac University where she majored in sociology and minored in psychology. “She works really hard at everything she does—she sinks her teeth in and has accomplished a great deal,” gushes her proud dad.

Son Michael is 18 and a freshman at the University of New Haven. He is pursuing his love of music and is majoring in music industry.

Whether either of the siblings will follow their dad into the shop, “is anybody’s guess,” laughs David who says both kids are expert meatball makers from earlier days going to work with him, and they both know the store is always there should they want to come on board.

Haley, Joey, Evan, Tamie, and Cori Lobel

Haley, Joey, Evan, Tamie, and Cori Lobel

Evan Lobel also raves about his children, which include daughters Joanna (called Joey by her family), Cori, and Haley.

“They are all incredible kids, and each one is completely different,” explains Evan. Joey, a graduate of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, is Evan’s oldest daughter. “She is a bright and optimistic spirit and shows great compassion for others,” Evan says. He adds that Joey has a passion for art. “She has become a talented potter, and she’s also currently working in the butcher shop 3 days a week. She is eager to learn the art of butchery and I can’t wait to teach her everything I know!”

Middle daughter Cori recently graduated from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Evan says she has very strong business instincts and a keen artistic eye. He also says she’s very sensitive, intuitive, and insightful. According to her dad, Cori “has a passion for life and living—and lives in the moment.” She is currently interviewing for positions in marketing in New York City. “I am excited for her and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her!”

Evan says his youngest daughter Haley “has an incredible understanding of people around her.” She is a strong writer and enjoys English and writing. Haley is completing her freshman year of college. Evan adds, “She is an energetic young woman. When you are with her you can feel her worth and strength. Watch out, world!”

Evan also fondly recalls his daughters accompanying him to work and watching their aprons fall to the floor, as they were much too big.


Scotty, Brian, and Mark Lobel

Mark Lobel is elated that his oldest son Brian has entered the family business.

“Brian can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge,” jokes Mark who has always been impressed by both of his sons’ strong social skills. Brian graduated from Manhattanville College in 2016 with a degree in business management. Brian has been enjoying working alongside his family in the butcher shop and has also been taking on responsibilities with the Lobel’s concessions at Yankee Stadium. Brian is anxious to learn all aspects of the business and put his degree to good use.

Eighteen-year-old Scotty will graduate from high school this June.  He is an avid baseball player and a scholar athlete. He is unsure whether his career path will take him into the family business, but he plans to major in finance when he starts college in the fall.

Given that there are no less than 7 sixth-generation Lobel children, it seems the odds are pretty good that at least a couple of them will call 1096 Madison Avenue their workplace in the years to come.

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