What is Dad’s Steak Personality?

In the butcher shop, we’re often asked, “What’s your best steak?” or “Which steak should I give as a gift for Father’s Day?”

They seem like simple questions, but aren’t so simple to answer. To be honest, when it comes to USDA Prime, Natural Prime, and American Wagyu Beef, every steak is a great steak.

Plus, everyone has their own favorite qualities in a steak. Do you prefer a steak that’s tender in texture and mild in flavor? Or bursting with beefy flavor and toothsome texture? Do you prefer the nutty richness of a dry-aged steak? Do you like the ease of a boneless cut or the added flavor of a bone-in selection?

And when selecting a steak for Father’s Day, it comes down to this: What is Dad’s steak personality?

Find Dad’s personality trait below and match it up with the steak of his dreams. Let us know in the comments below: which steak suits your father’s personality?

The Power-Player: Porterhouse

If only the finest cognac and cigars will do. For those into haute couture and haute cuisine. The Porterhouse is the granddaddy of cuts, the king of steaks.

The Traditionalist: Boneless Strip Steak

The Boneless Strip Steak is a time-tested classic. A standard selection on menus at fine-dining establishments. It’s a familiar friend that’s always welcome for dinner.

The Adventurer: Bone-In Hip Sirloin

For the bold and courageous. This hefty selection is anything but run-of-the-mill. It’s packed with flavor. It’s massive. It’s impressive. It’s definitely not for the meek-mannered.

Rough & Rugged: Cowboy Steak

For those who ride the open range on a trusty steed—or just wish they could. This hearty steak is cut to please hard-working appetites.

The Romanticist: Filet Mignon

For those who relish decadence and pampering. For the tender of heart who enjoy the same quality in their steak. Mild in flavor, so you can dress it up with the finest accoutrements.

The Seeker of the Exotic: Skirt Steak

For those who like to travel the world from the confines of their kitchen. For those whose cookbook shelf includes a translation dictionary. Juicy and beefy, this is the go-to steak for authentic Tex-Mex fajitas and burritos or Asian stir-frys and satays.

Always On-the-Go: Minute Steak

For those who demand great food, but want it quickly. These steaks are quick-cooking and versatile. Slice them for steak salad. Sauté them for dinner. Grill or pan-sear them for steak sandwiches. Meal-time anytime doesn’t get any easier, quicker, or tastier.

The Discoverer: Hanger Steak

For those who love discovering new favorites, this steak is full of surprises. It may not be the prettiest steak on the butcher block, but it’s got flavor and juiciness for days.

The Entertainer: Boneless Rib Steak

For those who like to run with the popular crowd. This is the #1 grilling steak in America, so it’s sure to please everyone at the party.

The Multi-Tasker: Flat Iron

For those who do it all, here’s a steak that does it all, too. It’s as tender as tenderloin, as flavorful as strip steak, and as hearty as rib steak. Plus, it cooks up quickly. Pencil it in for dinner!

What is your dad’s go-to steak, and what do you think it says about his personality? Is your dad’s personality reflected in any of these steaks? If so, which one; if not, what steak best suits your dad?



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