T-Roy Cooks: Best-Ever Meat Loaf

Our friend Troy of YouTube channel “T-Roy Cooks” is at it again with another delicious video recipe! Meat loaf may be a humble dish, but Troy elevates this classic comfort food with Lobel’s high quality meats and fresh ingredients.

Troy starts off by combining USDA Prime Ground Beef, Ground Berkshire Pork, and Ground Veal with fresh herbs, sauteed vegetables, and several other ingredients, including Lobel’s Steak Sauce.

Troy doesn’t stop there, he creates a glaze using Lobel’s Steak Sauce as a base, and he uses it to baste the loaf about halfway through cooking. The glaze adds amazing flavor and gives the loaf a nice finish.

The end result? Troy says he’s finally found the perfect meat loaf recipe—his best ever! Check out the video recipe then try it for yourself at home.

Do you like meat loaf? What is your favorite meat loaf recipe? Do you top your meat loaf with ketchup, steak sauce, barbecue sauce, or something else? Have you every made a meat loaf glaze like Troy?



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Your CommentsThis looks and sounds delicious….but where/how do I get the actual recipe to make it? Many thanks.


Hi Mary, you can find the recipe on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0Sl_Elp9gI)! I’ve pasted them here for your convenience.

Troy’s Homemade Meatloaf Recipe

1 pound Ground Beef
1 pound Ground Veal
1 pound Ground Pork
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
2 Cups Red Onion (1/2 large onion)
2 Stalks of Celery
3 Cloves Garlic
1 Bulb Roasted Garlic (optional)
2 Tbsp Flat Leaf Parsley
2 Green Onion Stalks
1 Tbsp Fresh Thyme
1 Tbsp Chives
2 Eggs
2/3 Cup of Milk
1/2 Cup Steak Sauce
2 1/2 Cups Panko Breadcrumbs
2 Tbsp Salt
1 Tbsp Black Pepper

Glaze Topping:
1/2 Cup Ketchup
1/2 Cup Steak Sauce
1/2 Cup BBQ Rub (use your favorite)


1) Preheat your oven to 350F. Finely chop your vegetables and herbs.
2) Heat Olive Oil in a pan over medium heat. Saute onions, garlic, and celery for 5 minutes. Let cool before adding to meat mixture.
3) Place the rest of the ingredients into a large bowl. Add sauteed onion mixture to the bowl.
4) Gently fold all ingredients together making sure everything is mixed thoroughly.
5) Place mixture onto a parchment or foil lined sheet pan or place it directly onto a broiler pan. Shape the mixture into the shape of a loaf.
6) Bake meatloaf for 30 minutes uncovered.
7) While meatloaf is baking, mix together ingredients for the glaze topping.
8) After 30 minutes of baking, brush the glaze onto the meatloaf. Continue baking for another 20-30 minutes or until a meat probe inserted into the meatloaf reads 160F internal temperature. (Total cook time is 45-60 mins)
9) Remove meatloaf from the oven and allow to cool 15 minutes.


It’s as delicious as It looks! So far, your recipe’s been shared four times; everybody who tastes it wants to make it at home. Boy! I wish I had your talent….and I thanks you very much for sharing so generously.


Thanks for the wonderful comments! Troy is a master!

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