Spotlight on Lobel’s All-Natural Poultry

Did you know that National Poultry Day is March 19th? Lobel’s is proud to offer fresh, all-natural poultry. Each free-range bird is processed by hand in small volumes under USDA inspection. You will not find better tasting poultry anywhere.

About Lobel’s Chicken

Lobel’s chickens are raised in the lush farmlands of rural Pennsylvania by Amish and Mennonite families. The flocks are raised in open pastures with room to roam and free access to fresh air, pure water, and all-natural grains and forage.

These birds are never administered any antibiotics, growth stimulants, or hormones. All of our chicken products are minimally processed, meaning that they are free of preservatives, flavor enhancers, and artificial additives.

All-Natural Whole Fryer Chicken

Few dining pleasures can equal the simplicity of a perfectly roasted chicken—plump, flavorful, and juicy. Lobel’s All-Natural Whole Fryer Chickens average about 3 pounds, making them ideal to be cut up for frying or roasted whole.

All-Natural Frenched Chicken Breast

Frenched chicken breasts are a dream to cook and savor. The breasts are skin-on and boneless, except the wing drumette is still attached which makes it easy to turn and handle while cooking.

All-Natural Chicken Legs

These bone-in legs include the drumstick and thigh in one piece, with the backbone portion removed. Each package contains 4 quarters, weighing about 8 ounces each.

All-Natural Chicken Wings

Plump and juicy and ready for your favorite sauce, our chicken wings are whole 3-piece sections.

Additional Poultry Offerings

In addition to the four classic chicken cuts, we also have several other delicious offerings to round out our poultry selections.

Our Chicken Breast Stir-Fry Strips and Ready-Made Chicken Kabobs are perfect for throwing together a quick weeknight meal.

Our Seasoned Split Chickens are a game changer. For ease and convenience of grilling, broiling, or roasting, we’ve removed the rib bones from the breast and the entire backbone. You’ll be amazed at how this shortens the overall cooking time and ensures that both dark and white meat are cooked to perfection.

If you’re looking for a low-fat alternative to ground beef, look no further than Lobel’s Ground Chicken and Lobel’s Ground Turkey. These ground meats are the perfect ingredient in everything from meatballs to Asian lettuce wraps.

Favorite Recipes & Articles

Grilled Chicken Kabob Sandwich

We don’t celebrate our love of poultry only on National Poultry Day—we savor all year ’round! See below for a list of our favorite poultry recipes and blog posts.



What is your favorite cut of chicken? What is your favorite way to prepare chicken? Have you ever cooked a frenched chicken breast? What is your favorite poultry recipe?



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