T-Roy Cooks: A Tale of Two Nachos

When it comes to “big game”-day spreads, the most successful are all about variety and abundance. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that every single offering is different. Rather, take a single concept and vary the theme to create multiple dishes, but with a lot less time and labor.

Our good friend Troy of YouTube channel “T-Roy Cooks” takes this point home by creating two different types of nachos to excite the palates of his guests.

Hanger Steak Nachos

Troy starts off with hanger steak and chicken strips that he marinates, grills, then cuts into small cubes to be nacho-friendly. He enhances the flavor of the beef and chicken by making a semi-dry marinade with paste-like consistency from an array of assertive spice flavorings.

He then assembles individual nachos for serving to his guests. Alternatively, you could set up a nachos bar with all of the ingredients and toppings for your guests to assemble to their own particular tastes.

What are your favorite topping for nachos? Have you ever tried making nachos with pork or lamb? What other types of appetizers would you serve to compliment the nachos?



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