Spice Up Thanksgiving: T-Roy Cooks Show You How

If you want to do Thanksgiving Cajun-style, Troy is the man for the job. In this video, T-Roy Cooks shows how to cook a Lobel’s All-Natural Thanksgiving Turkey on the grill—yes, that’s right, turkey on the grill.

But even if you aren’t into a Cajun-style bird, you can still use this tutorial. Simply skip the flavor injection step and Troy shows you how to grill your Thanksgiving turkey, bringing the flavor of smoke and flame to your holiday table.

Have you ever grilled a turkey? How do you plan to cook your Thanksgiving turkey this year? Do you use a flavor injection? Or do you season your bird with another method?

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I grilled a turkey, many years ago. I think it was in the 1980’s, yeas I did
inject the bird with a butter and spice mixture. Also placed herbs, celery and
lemon and onion in the cavity. Olive oiled the outside of the bird along with
some seasoning. Place the turkey on the grill, over a drip pan that contained
water/white wine and herbs. Everything turned out great.


That sounds fantastic, Sandra!

Was that for Thanksgiving?