Ask the Butcher: What are you looking forward to eating this Thanksgiving?

Planning the perfect Thanksgiving menu can sometimes be difficult—there are just so many options from which to choose. With all of the delicious Thanksgiving dishes out there, we asked the Lobels to share what they most look forward to enjoying this Thanksgiving.

Evan: “For me on Thanksgiving, it’s all about the perfect bite! To make the perfect bite you need some dark meat turkey with skin, cornbread stuffing, fresh cranberry sauce, and a little hot gravy. Pile it all up in one forkful and open wide! I love the way all of the flavors mix together. That’s the only way to eat Thanksgiving dinner!”

Stanley: “Every year, after working in the butcher shop selling turkeys all week, I always think I’ll be too tired of turkeys to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, but once I smell the bird roasting in the oven, that feeling just vanishes. I love eating the juicy and crispy thigh with some hot gravy and bread stuffing!”

Mark: “There are so many things I love to eat on Thanksgiving. I always look forward to a nice and crispy wing. I also love mashed sweet potatoes and cornbread. I always try to sneak some cornbread stuffing before dinner. Everything always smells so good—I just can’t wait!

David: “I love everything about Thanksgiving, but possibly my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is being able to eat leftovers the next day! I just make sure the gravy is hot and enjoy a delightful turkey dinner two nights in a row!”

What do you look forward to eating on Thanksgiving? Do you prefer white meat or dark meat? Do you prefer stuffing or dressing? What would be in your “perfect bite”?