Back to School: Your Meat Education


Every year, come late August and early September, whether you have kids or not, it’s hard not to get back-to-school fever. Going back to school isn’t just for kids and teens—you can learn something new too! Get an education on the basics of meat from these videos by the Lobel family and Martha Stewart!

Ever wonder what “prime rib” really means? Is it the same as USDA Prime? Watch as Stanley Lobel describes and demonstrates the subtle but important differences between the two phrases.


At Lobel’s, we offer many cuts of beef. Customers are often asking us, what’s the difference between this and that? Fairly often, we are asked this about T-bones steaks and Porterhouse steaks. They both look very similar, with the characteristic T-shaped bone in the middle. Watch as David Lobel shows you what the difference is.


In Martha Stewart’s Cooking School “Lesson 5: Butchering,” you can follow along with Martha as Evan Lobel demonstrates how to butcher a chicken into eight pieces.


What are you curious to learn about? What topic would you like to see the Lobels cover in our next video?