Desserts for Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day without dessert is like a night without stars. They simply go hand in hand.

A dessert on Valentine’s day isn’t just a sweet way to end the meal–it can be a great gift as well! To make the best dessert for your Valentine, just be sure to keep that special someone in mind when choosing your recipe, ingredients, and presentation. Whether store-bought or home-made, sweets are a sure way to show you care.

Store-Bought Treats

Presentation is a big factor when purchasing from a local bakery or your favorite chocolatier. There are myriad options, from heart-shaped candies or chocolates, cupid sugar cookies with red sugar crystals, fancy exposed red velvet cake with only the top layer frosted, big curls of shaved chocolate atop fluffy whipped cream, individual fruit tarts with a glossy glaze, rich chocolate mousse with a dollop of pink whipped cream, decadent pink and red truffles, and the list goes on.

Want to buy chocolates? Choose their favorites: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cherry cordials, nougats, nut clusters, truffles, and more. But don’t forget about the off-the-beaten-path or more interesting ingredients. Some of the more interesting combinations we’ve seen lately include chocolate with bits of bacon, chocolate caramels with sea salt on top, chocolates with spicy peppers, goji berries with dark chocolate, blood orange with dark chocolate, and stout beer chocolates. Certainly some unique combination will pique your sweetie’s interest.

If you’re purchasing for a group or your family, smaller items might be another way to go. Order decadent cookies for sharing, some sweet cupcakes with gourmet frosting flavors, or even cake pops which can be decorated any way you like.

Home-Made Goodies

Ingredients and flavors are the stars of your very own handcrafted sweet treats. While chocolate may be the obvious choice, take it a step further and decide if you want milk, dark, or white chocolate!

Simple-to-create items are great too. Chocolate dipped fruits—especially strawberries—are delicious. Then pair it with your favorite champagne. Bake a cake, top it with white frosting, and add pink and red sprinkles. Exercise your creativity with cupcakes—you can decorate each one differently or write a sweet message on each like a conversation heart.

Have an ice cream lover in mind? Assemble all the best ingredients and create a delicious sundae out of your own custom-created, home-made ice cream.

For some more ideas, check out our Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.

Valentine's Day Pin

Are you handcrafting your own goodies or are you going to your favorite bakery or chocolatier? What would you like someone to make you? Have you ever tried a unique chocolate ingredient pairing? What is more impressive, a gorgeous treat or an incredible tasting dessert?