Ask the Butcher: What’s your favorite summertime meal?

As summer rounds the bend of the seasonal road, we tend to think of how to make the most of the last few weeks of summer that we have left. Whether it be relaxing on the porch with an iced tea, lounging in the shade reading a book, enjoying your favorite summertime meal with your family, or a backyard barbeque with your friends. We asked the Lobels to share their favorite meals of the season—one they’ll be enjoying before summer’s end!


Stanley – Carpaccio with shaved parmesan cheese is always a great way to start the meal off in summer. I use chilled plates to keep the dish cold while we eat. I like carpaccio because it is a light and cool starter on hot days.

Evan – I like preparing foods that don’t require heat if it is very hot out—and this summer it has been very hot. So my favorite summertime appetizer is a ceviche of red snapper with lemon, lime, and a fresh avocado.

David – Starting off the meal with a salad is always best. I pair some herbed goat cheese with yellow and red chilled beets then put those over spinach and arugula with an aged balsamic vinegar.

Mark – Smoked salmon and melon is my go-to appetizer for the summer. I don’t have to cook anything—just cut up some melon and salmon! Sometimes I do like to switch it up and have prosciutto wrapped melon. Its a little bit saltier but still refreshing with the fresh melon.


Stanley – An ice-cold Diet Coke is what I want on a hot day.

Evan – Tequila. Don’t forget the lime.

David – Lemonade is great on a hot day. Spiked lemonade is good too!

Mark – Freshly brewed iced tea in a frosty glass with lots of lemon is the prefect summer drink.


Stanley – Grilled strip steak makes the best summer meal. I like to put garlic on the grill for the aroma too.

Evan – I like to grill strip steaks with salt, pepper, and olive oil only. We’ll also have a fresh fruit salad and grilled vegetables.

David – Anything I can grill is what my summertime meal is. Lately, I’ve been grilling split chickens and corn on the cob. We have macaroni salad as a side as well.

Mark – Burgers are the obvious choice here. I love cheeseburgers with lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions. For the sides I have to have sweet corn on the cob and potato salad.


Stanley – Cheesecake is my favorite dessert in the summer. I’ll eat any flavor of cheesecake: cherry, strawberry, blueberry, chocolate—I like them all!

Evan – Strawberry shortcake. Fresh strawberries on top of angel food cake topped with whipped cream—nothing is better!

David – Anything a la mode is good with me. Chocolate cake with neopolitan ice cream, cheesecake with chocolate ice cream, apple crisp with vanilla bean—I could go on and on!

Mark – On really hot days, I like to have a dish of vanilla and strawberry ice cream—no toppings. Toppings aren’t needed when you have great flavors.

What do you like to have to drink to cool you off on a hot day? What is the best a la mode combination? Are you like Stanley and Evan who love to grill strip steaks? What is your favorite summertime meal?