Ask the Butcher: How do you spend Super Sunday?

As fourth- and fifth-generation butchers, the Lobels are often asked what they serve for certain holidays and events. Since everyone has football fever right now, we asked the Lobels how they spend Super Sunday and what’s on the menu.

How do you spend Super Sunday?

Evan: I eat a lot of beef and drink a lot of beer with my friends!

Mark: I go over to Evan’s house. You know, for all the beef and beer.

David: I have a real kid-friendly party. My children and I are big sports fans and we watch football together all season long, so we always try to watch the championship game together too. Sometimes we have other friends with kids over as well for a small party.

Stanley: We center our party around grilling steaks right over the fire in the fireplace. We fill up the family room with guys and get a real man-cave feeling going.

What’s on the menu, and how is it served?

David: I usually have an ongoing array of different types of food. From dips and chips and other appetizers, to grilled chicken wings, sliders, mini steak sandwiches, and mini pulled pork sandwiches.

Stanley: We have colossal shrimp as an appetizer. And then we all gather around the fireplace and watch the Porterhouse steaks cook over the flames while we joke around and reminisce about old times. We serve the meal in the same room–it fits about 30 people–and we watch the game while we eat.

Evan: It’s always casual. I like to keep the energy high, so I bring different dishes out one at a time. I usually start with some cheese and maple-crusted pecans. Then some Buffalo wings and maybe a carpaccio to get everyone excited about what’s to come. Then I would do a pepper-crusted filet on lightly toasted baguettes with a horseradish crème fraÎche. All the TVs are on with the sound turned down, except for one for the hardcore fans.

Mark: I love the way Evan always presents the food at his parties. Everyone gets really amped up for the main course, and the filets are just out of this world.

Have you ever actually been at the stadium for the big game? If so, what was your favorite part?

Mark: Yes! Last year, my brother (David), my dad (Stanley), and I went to the game in Dallas. The party atmosphere was awesome. The fans were really pumped and expressed it so much. Everybody was hyped up.

Stanley: Yes, last year was the only time I’ve been. It was great. The action! The fans! The noise and excitement was intense!

David: Last year is also the only one I’ve been to. My favorite part was actually the few days prior to the game when I was there to help train the stadium staff on how to season, cook, slice, and present our steak sandwiches. Having complete access to the stadium in Dallas was quite an experience. Working and being behind the scenes to witness first-hand all that went into that bowl game was an amazingly unique opportunity. Seeing the preparation of the security personnel, the half-time entertainment, the video and camera crews and reporters, and the ushers and attendants and everyone else who had a role to play on this special  day was an eye opener.  In addition, the incredible, festive atmosphere leading up to game day was contagious. Everyone in Dallas was excited and happy to be a part of history.

How do you celebrate the big game day? Do you host a party, attend a party, or go out somewhere like a sports bar? What’s on the menu at your parties? What’s your favorite food to enjoy during the game? What’s your single most-favorite part of the game day festivities?